Something NEW!!

Hi Ya’ll

I wanted to share my two newest products!!

I added Thankful Turkey Sight Word Practice to my store! It is a set of worksheets for high reading kindergarteners and first grade readers. Students will color the pictures using the color key and reading the Dolch first grade level sight words.

I also added Winter Math Activities for Kindergarten. This packet is FULL of Kindergarten Common Core math skills. Each page has the Common Core standard listed. You can use these activities as practice or as an assessment of a specific standard.

I can’t wait to hear how much fun your kiddos had practicing skills without knowing they were doing work!!

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November Currently!

Happy Happy Sunday! I cannot believe it is already November!! I am excited to be linking up with Farley for the November Currently
 I am a HUGE Dave Nerd! Every chance I get I put on Dave Matthews and jam out!

Being from Arizona I’ve never really had “Fall Weather”. It’s either hot (in the 90s -100s) or cold (60s). I am learning to love the “Fall Weather” here in Texas. I couldn’t believe I went with out a jacket yesterday!

 I am getting more excited to meet our little person! It feels like the end of the year with my kiddos, when you count down to summer! We spend a lot of time talking about what she will look like and who we think she will take after. So exciting looking forward to the unknown!

 We found an amazing house and are in the final process of closing. I want to close earlier because I’m starting to get the itch to set up the baby room and paint and put her things together and CLEAN!!! Eeekk so much to do!! I am trying to be patient, but its so hard knowing how little time we have to get everything ready.

I have a few projects I’m working on that I need to finish before we “move” again! You feel more prepared when thing are finished and ready to go.

 One of the best gifts my Dad ever gave me was a love for being in the kitchen! His favorites were Snickerdoodles, so this year I am going to back a few batches to honor him and introduce our family to our new neighbors!

I cannot wait to read about your November plans!!

Until Next Time,