September 27th

September 27th is a very special day for me! One year ago today I said I do and married my best friend! We had dated for 7 years before we got married. Ya’ll that is a LONG time!! I knew the moment I met this amazing man I wanted to marry him, but it took him a little while longer to get to that point.

We chose a day in September because we both LOVE fall. I had always wanted to get married with pumpkins and changing color leaves. We both love the outdoors and decided that was the perfect setting for our I dos.

Can I tell you that planning our little wedding was so much fun!! I loved that I had all summer to craft and prepare the decorations for our wedding, and he was amazed at my many creations. What we didn’t plan for was the CRAZY, LATE September Monsoon storms!!

Our Wedding took place at a little fishing hole in the middle of the woods. It is a BEAUTIFUL place. If you ever visit northern Arizona just outside of Payson, I highly recommend you visit Rancho Tonto Catch a Trout! There is a guest house on the property where you can stay for the weekend or a whole month! It was perfect for the bridesmaids and I the night before, and for our mini honeymoon.

The night before the wedding we had our wedding party and family drive up for our rehearsal dinner. A simple Chili cook-off! Each of the bridesmaids and I made a chili and our family and friends enjoyed the many different flavors. As soon as we had finished dinner and everyone started to leave it began to pour. Really POUR!! The news was calling it the 100 year flood. In Phoenix roads were such down because of flooding.

I said everything would be fine! The rain will stop and we will have a beautiful wedding. We when I rolled over at 3am my maid of honor was not so sure. She said to me, “oh good you’re awake! Let’s talk about a plan b. It’s still raining”. I told her everything will be fine, I’m going back to sleep.

When I did get up at 7am, it was still raining. I refused to believe that the day was ruined. Isn’t rain on your wedding a sign of good luck anyways? We started to get ready, and by the time the photographer arrived the rain had slowed to a drizzle.

The moment I put on my grandmother’s dress, and was completely ready for our first look the rain had stopped and the sun was shining! My cousin looked at me and said, “Kim, your Daddy knew today should be perfect.” I completely lost it. I had planned for everything and tried not to think about how hard it would be to walk down the aisle without him there by my side. I knew having my grandfather walk me was a way to honor my Daddy, but it wasn’t until that moment that it truly hit me.

After we (my cousins and sister) composed ourselves I was ready to reveal the changes I had made to my grandmother’s dress. She hadn’t seen her dress since the day she brought it with me to the alteration shop. I made sure our photographer captured her reaction!

62 years later, same dress

Then I was off to surprise my soon-to-be husband our first look and pre-wedding pictures before guest arrived.

The ceremony was perfect! Even with the crazy ants climbing up my dress, and forgetting my vows. I think it's the little things like that, that make it a very real true to life day. 

It was amazing to see to very LARGE families come together as one!

Four hours later, as soon as the guests began to leave and we had finished taking down the d├ęcor the clouds opened up and it began to pour again.

I know every bride feels this way, but my wedding is my favorite! It was completely, 100% Anthony and I. From the rain to the Dave music, with local brews and Dave wine, to putting our cat Stella in our wedding vows. Every detail was perfect!

Thank you for stopping by and reading my super long post about my favorite day! I would love to live it again and again. I think that is how it should be, when you know this is my person! For the rest of my life, this is who I will do life with, day after day and love every minute!

Until Next Time,

Finally Here!!

Hi Ya’ll!

I started really focusing on creating products this summer and created a labor of love with my Morning work units! I didn’t really think I would focus so much on one product but I wanted it to be perfect!!

I was able to complete quarters 1, 2, and 3 before summer had ended. I thought for sure I would have finished quarter 4 before school started. We all know how life LOVES to throw in a curve ball every once in a while! My curve ball came at the end on July, and I was struggling to find time to finish.

WELL. . . .I t is almost October and I am proud to say I have completed all four quarter of morning work!! They are not perfect (well not the first 3). I am in the process of updating the first 3 quarters because I love when things match, and I learned a few new tricks.

I was able to sneak into my friends kinder class and watch her kiddos complete some pages. I LOVED hearing them tell one another how cute the cat was or their favorite rhyme words. I also wanted to talk to her first hand, knowing she would be brutally honest! She loved the packet! Yay!!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out my morning work head on over to my store: 
It’s Kinder Time
I have a week from each quarter FREE for you to sample!
Let me know what you think!!

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Computer Time Please!

Hi Ya’ll!

The kiddos I work with have limited computer time at home and are now taking their standardized test online.
I don’t know about you but that stressed me out, well just a little. It did make me want to find ways to maximize our computer time at school. I know the traditional websites like Starfall, but I wanted to make sure I was hitting the specific computer skills my kiddos would need to do well on the test.

Knowing the content is completely different that being able to navigate a computer. A good handful of my kiddos have iPads or tablets at home and can click and drag, but putting them in front of a laptop or desk top and they have no idea how to use a mouse or the track pad.

I found this great website!! It helps kids practice actual content skills as they practice computer skills. Oh did I mention it is FREE!!! That’s right Free! Everyone loves free stuff!

I have my second graders click the url box (ps teaching them were this was when they got to Firefox was hysterical.)

Once there we go to Grade level help and select our grade level and skill builders. From there you can choose either ELA or Math concepts to review. Each leads you to games/practice for specific concepts. I am telling you my kiddos LOVE it!!

Let me know if you use this fabulous site with your kiddos!

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A Whole New World

Hi Ya'll!

Being in a second grade room is a while new world. EVERYTHING is different! These kiddos are on their way to a successful year.

We started the year taking our benchmark test online! Eeek! My kinder kiddos take this test one on one with paper and pencils. I was so nervous as I helped each student get set up for the test.

They did amazing! Well not amazing, but they did well. I loved watching as each child worked through the different parts of the test. I was also shocked to see some of the questions. I know this is just the starting point so they are not expected to pass with flying colors, but some questions were super hard!

After this assessment I had a better idea of what would be covered this first grading period and what MY expectations were for my time with these kiddos.

Does your school administer a baseline assessment? Is it online or paper and pencil?
Until Next Time,

What Does It Mean?

Hi Ya'll!

Last year, when I was panicking because I am leaving my fabulous school, I agreed to sub for a teacher going on maternity leave. Little did I know how difficult it would be to start a classroom I would be leaving after the first grading period.

Can I just say I am a KINDERGARTEN TEACHER!! I mean that is where my heart is and will continue to be, but second grade is fun!!

I was so nervous getting “big” kids this year. I had no idea what I was going to teach or when I could actually start teaching. I am so use to my little babies, and teaching them how to be part of a class for the first week (Who am I kidding! The first month is more accurate.). I was shocked that these AWESOME “big” kids were ready to go day 1. I just jumped right in and they were all on board. I

Honestly, I had a harder time then they did. I wanted to hold their hands through the activities and all that did was slow them down.

The teacher I am subbing for went the extra mile and had EVERYTHING ready! I didn’t prep anything for Meet the Teacher or the first week.
It is so hard to start the year off for someone else. I don’t want to set up routines that she wont use, or set up routines differently then how she would. I think this is a struggle only a type A personality would have. It’s the perfectionist in me.

To all of you who want to sub for a short time before going back to the classroom my advice to you is this:
Don’t stress about the small things, the teacher will be glad you were actually teaching and will deal with routine changes when he/she returns. Love those littles strongly for every minute you have them. The longer you have them the more likely they will forever be with you.

Until Next Time,