Happy Thursday!  I linking up with Rachel over at The Tattooed Teacher for a fun little survey!

She is starting with Week One with a yes or no survey to get to know all who are participating.

Here is Mine:

I talk to myself ALL. THE. TIME! It’s healthy!

I am not superstitious, but my family can be and that in turn leads to some decisions I make just so everyone is happy.

I do crack my knuckles, but mostly because my joints doo it on their own and I can always feel the extra pressure. BUT it’s not just my knuckles, every joint in my body pops. My physical therapist constantly tells me how flexible I am (She doesn’t need to know I’m not flexible just double jointed).

I am ALWAYS hungry! Even before baby I would snack a ton, but now I feel like all I do is eat. Haha Hoping for a cubby baby!

My tv is not on but normally it is for background noise as I clean/sort/pack up our house. Currently OBSESSED with Criminal Minds. Watching it through from the beginning, and loving all the plot twists.

My wisdom teeth were removed when I was 15. Wasn’t so bad. I was put under and don’t really remember anything from it.

I LOVE Showers! My husband hates when I take a shower because our bathroom literally becomes a sauna.

I have been to DisneyLand! We would go every other year when I was little up until I turn 12. Then my husband took me in October a couple years ago. We are huge Nightmare Before Christmas fans. The trip was AMAZING!!!!

I do wear glasses, but only when I take out my contacts. I’m not a fan of glasses, I prefer to have my contacts in.

I have lived in the same state my entire life. We are planning a big move out of state in the very near future. I’m excited to see what this next adventure will bring.

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AND IT'S A . . . .

Happy Monday Morning!!

This past weekend was so much fun! We had our Gender Reveal for baby #1 on Saturday night.

Our family met at a little Mexican restaurant (my favorite) and had a nice dinner. The restaurant knew we were going to find out the baby’s gender and even joined the fun! They decorated our table with white balloons and wrote on them Is it a Boy? And Is it a Girl? It was very sweet of them to get involved.

I made this sign and my super crafty amazing best friend filled these GIANT black balloons with confetti inside the color of the baby’s gender; purple for a girl and green for a boy.

My hubby and I each had a pin and held a black balloon. On the count of 3 we pricked the balloons and were covered with confetti.

We are so excited to announce we are having a GIRL!!
My hubby will come home to 3 ladies every night! Our fur baby Stella, our tiny little gummy bear and me! He cannot wait. He was so happy he bought her this super cute swimsuit for next summer!

Thank you for stopping by and loving on my tiny family!

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