Big Changes!

I said before that my husband’s job is relocating us to Texas. I am so excited about this change, but we have an even bigger change heading our way.

We are expecting!! I am ecstatic to finally announce our family will be growing by one more Dave fan December 2015! We knew we wanted to start a family, but our plan was to wait until after our big move. God had another plan, and I am glad He did!

We are not really sure how the move will happen, but it will. I cannot wait to be near my family, and watch my grandparents love on great-grand baby #7! Oh man! Christmas is going to be CRAZY BUSY this year. But oh so much fun!

Until next time,


End of the Year

Like most kinder teachers the end of the year is exciting and a little sad. You say goodbye to the kinder babies you have had all year, but celebrate the amazing growth they have made throughout the year.

I have always loved the time after Christmas vacation to May. They become so independent and have stronger opinions. My classroom discussions are not me pushing them to talk to each other anymore, but them exploring topic with each other. I love hearing them use complete sentences and amazing vocabulary. For me, the best is to hear my student who came to me with no English give a simple sentence to their partner. I love that they are moving forward and growing so much.

This year was more difficult than any other year. I had to pack up my room, knowing I may not return to a kinder classroom next year.

After student teaching in my district five years ago, it took me four years to get a position. I taught other places, but my heart will always belong to the low SES neighborhood with the many refugees. I fell in love with the families and amazing excited kiddos. I loved working with the teachers just like me, wanting to be a light in the darkness for these kiddos.
I know this is not the end of my life as a kinder teacher, but its sad to say goodbye for now. As I closed the door to room 205 I knew this is just goodbye for now. I will once again have a place as a kinder teacher. Maybe it will even be in Texas once we move.

Until next time,