Tell All Tuesday: Summer Snapshot

Happy Tuesday Ya’ll!

I’m linking up with Diana from  My Day in K and Jayme from Teach Talk Inspire with their Tell All Tuesday 2.0! This week we are sharing some fun summer memories for a Snapshot of Summer!

We were able to start our summer off by visiting our family in Arizona! It was so nice to have our daughter FINALLY meet some of our closest friends and extended family.
I loved watching her face light up when she met her cousins for the first time.  I think this is one of my favorite pictures from our trip!

My in-laws live in Arizona and have not held Lil Peanut since their visit in December. She was so happy playing with her Abuelita and Grandpa.

I can’t wait to see your Snapshot and hear about your summer! Thank you for stopping by this little blog!

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  1. Your in-laws must have bee SO happy you came to visit. Great snapshot!
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. So nice!! I bet that grandparents were over the moon! Kids simply grow so fast !
    Magically in First