Currently May. . .

I love love love Farley's Currently and I am so incredibly sad that this is the VERY last currently ever!
To be honest, I haven't linked up in a while...
I knew I had to join the other fabulous bloggers and help her go out with a bang!

Listening: I love that Aria sleeps through almost everything when the sound machine is on! Best advice I ever received!!

Loving: I love being able to stay home with our Little peanut! It has been so much fun watching her change the past 4 ½ months! I LOVE that the hubs has been super supportive and encouraged it!

Thinking: There are millions of little projects all over our new house! I have been so distracted with helping my cousin with her wedding crafts that I have not finished my own. Luckily the wedding is this week, so I can finish some of these projects.

Wanting: To get more organized! I have a list that I have made a bazillion times. I never remember where I put it and once its out of sight I forget what I need to get done. May is my goal month! I will cross everything off my list!

Needing: I have a cleaning list on the fridge for each day of the week, but I missed yesterday and I haven’t gotten to today! (EEKK!! Don’t Tell On Me) I also need to meal prep for the next 2 weeks and make Lil Peanuts baby food. She is not a fan of green beans, but is LOVING squash!

Truth: Life changed when Aria was born, but I didn’t realize how much! I am slowly getting back in the groove, but very slowly! No matter how messy my house gets or how many social things I forget to go to, I am so thankful for my little girl and all the joy she has brought our lives!

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It's A SALE!!

Being a teacher is HARD WORK!!

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE being in the classroom and teaching. It is amazing when you see those light bulbs go on, and watch the growth before you very eyes.
It is HARD!!
I am sure you feel the same way!

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